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Hair Loss in Men

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Hair loss related with genetic structure is called as male hair loss. It is “Androgenetic Alopesia” which is a type of heritage affected by gender. Men experience male hair loss even if they take the gene of this disease from only father or mother. However, women have less androgenetic hormones (male hormones) compared to men. Thus they do not experience hair loss on heterozygous conditions. However, if a woman is homozygous (takes genes from both mother and father at the same time), she has the risk of hair loss.
Male hair loss is the most common phenomenon in hair loss as explained before. It can be statistically said that every second man experience hair loss as a result of genetic disorder. So what causes hair loss that ruins physiological and psychological health? It can be said that it is the relationship between Testosterone, Dihydrotestosterone and 5 Alpha Reductase.

Testosterone-Dihydrotestosterone-5 Alpha Reductase
It is accepted that at the base of the genetic hair loss underlines the enzyme of 5 Alpha Reductase that transforms testosterone which is an androgen hormones into Dihydrotestosterone.
The effect of Dihydrotestosterone is seen in its contact to androgen receptors on the hair root. Thus DHT causes anagen period of hair to last shorter. Then hair thins as a result of hair loss. Finally baldness occurs with the hairless area.

The more the rate of Dihydrotestosterone over testosterone, the fastest hair loss happens. Male hair loss results not from the amount of testosterone but from the fact that the rate of DHT produced is much more than the rate of testosterone.

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