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Hair Transplant Repair

Lack of beard and moustache has a psychological effect on men. Latest technique applied in hair reformation is the Fue technique as it is in hair transplantation.
Single hair roots taken via micro motor is automatically placed by the Fue Plus Hair Transplantation Technique that opens the channel itself. Natural and thicker beard transplantation is possible thanks to the Fue Plus Hair Transplantation Technique. As local anesthesia is applied, it does not cause pain. Recovery in the area of hair transplantation is rapidly observed. However, mild redness can be seen for 8 or 9 days. It is necessary to wait for 10 or 12 days for shaving the beard transplant. Beard should not be shaved with reverse motion. Hairs at the tip of the roots might be broken after 15th day.

Those broken beard hairs grow up from 3rd month up to 8th month. The thickness the person expects arises after 7 or 8 months.