Istanbul Hair Transplant Center

Deniz Hair Transplantation Center that provides natural and permanent solutions for hair problems was founded in 2000 and has become the best hair transplantation center in İzmir in a short period of time. Our firm transfers its services of hair, eyebrow and beard transplantation applications to İstanbul as well and we are serving in the name of Rota Hairtrans under the umbrella of Private Universal Aksaray Hospital. We provide natural and permanent solutions in hair transplantation and ensure the problem to disappear forever.
Our center uses the FUE technique which is preferred all around the world in hair transplantation applications and carries out the applications via 0,8 mm micro motor. The person who benefit from hair transplantation does not feel any pain as a result of local anesthesia. Hair transplantation operations can be completed in a short period of time and people can go on their daily life after the application. We ensure satisfaction even for the people who have problems in broader areas thanks to the FUE technique that gives the opportunity to take the hair roots from the areas desired. A few weeks after the hair transplantation, hair formation can be seen. Our firm as an expert in hair transplantation provides not only the most qualitative services but also the most attractive options in terms of prices.

Deniz Hair Transplantation Center provides “refinement operations” with 100% satisfaction guarantee for the people who previously had hair transplanted but could not get the desired results. Our firm that gives customer-oriented services provides the most qualitative hair transplantation applications by resolving the need of worrying about prices. You can contact with İstanbul and İzmir Centers for getting information about the applications providing permanent, precise and totally natural solutions for hair loss. Our firm that has customer-oriented services ensures you to get rid of hair problem forever via reliable and qualitative hair transplantation applications.

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