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People feel the lack of hair mostly in terms of appearance and it is quite important for not only women but also men who do not have make-up alternative. You do not have to be unhappy about hair loss from various reasons. Choose our center that is the leader in its field in İzmir and say goodbye to your hair problems. Deniz Hair Transplantation Center that has been servicing as an expert since 2000 provides “natural and permanent” solutions via its hair transplantation applications.

Our center enables you to gain natural hair you dream via the FUE technique which is the most qualitative method of modern era in hair transplantation. One of the most important benefits of the FUE technique is the application of stem cells taken from various parts of the body into the problematic area. We are proud of ensuring the satisfaction of our customers via the services we provide. We carry out hair transplantation via local anesthesia in a short period of time and without pain. You can “permanently” get rid of hair problem with the help of our professional team who is expert in hair transplantation without seeking artificial solutions and being mentally depressed.

Hair roots are taken from the related area by means of micro motor technology and directly applied to the problematic area with a rapid operation called as cold chain in hair transplantation applications. The person who benefit from hair transplantation does not feel pain thanks to local anesthesia. We can deal with the problems that happen as a result of the FUE application carried out by unprofessional people and consequently with the unpleasant appearance in the areas hair transplanted.
Deniz Hair Transplantation Center pays special attention to its prices for the sake of customer satisfaction. You can contact with us for application prices, transplantation operations and any other issue that you wants to ask.

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