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Advices Before Hair Transplantation

Hair Test and Analysis
Hair test and analysis is important in order to determine what kind of an application will be carried out. The specialist informs the person about the application that will be carried out according to the expectation of the person and his/her hair structure.

The Things to Do before Hair Transplantation
You should not take attenuant substance such as aspirin or alcohol at least before 72 hours before hair transplantation. You should not come hungry. You should prefer buttoned cloths such as shirt. You had better bring a sport hat or black triangular bandana.

The Latest Hair Transplantation Techniques
The Fue and the Fut techniques that are successfully applied both in the world and in our country come to the fore among hair transplantation techniques. The Fue technique is more preferred as it does not cause marks and bleeding as you will read in other paragraphs in our website. For the other techniques that have been applied so far, please have a look at “historical development of hair transplantation”.

The Things to Know about the Hair Transplantation
Before hair transplantation, blood tests of the person are carried out and his/her blood pressure is controlled. Hairy area of the person is shaved for the operation. Then the area from which hair roots are taken is cleaned up with antiseptic solution. Then local anesthesia is applied and the application of removing hair roots begins.
You do not feel pain as local anesthesia narcotizes the area.
Drawing should be done according to the symmetric structure of the person’s face.

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