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Fue Hair Transplantation

Fut saç ekim tekniği
FUE (Extraction of Follicular Unites)
The FUE technique that has been changing rapidly especially since 2000s takes its place on the top for the present. If the person who wants to benefit from hair transplantation has proper health condition and his/her donor area from which hair roots will be taken is enough, the FUE technique can be easily applied.

The FUE and the Classical Transplantation Technique
It is quite significant to make the person comfortable via local anesthesia applied to the area from which hair roots are taken. It is obligatory to cut the hair short so that hair roots grow up healthy. First application is to remove hair roots the quantity of which is determined beforehand via 0,9 mm, 0,8 mm, 0,7 mm- pointed needles of micro motor after the local anesthesia is applied. The follicular Unite that is removed might be unary, binary or triple roots. After the hair roots are removed, they must be preserved in cold chains in order to keep them healthy until the hair transplantation is carried out. Main purpose here is to keep the hair roots alive so that roots are transferred and hair transplantation is carried out via the FUE technique. For that purpose, it is normal for the roots to be kept in appropriate environment and to be transplanted up to 10 hours.

The hair roots prepared for the transplantation is placed to the channels opened in the FUE technique. The ideal time period for the Fue Plus Hair Transplantation Technique is 6 or 8 hours. At that period of time averagely 1500-2000 hair bundles (hair roots) are transplanted. The team that will carry out the hair transplantation must be enough in quantity and professional in their practice to work within a limited time. There are averagely 3500-5000 hairs in 1500-2000 hair bundles. It is possible to transplant 40%-50% of the head at certain density with a single session. It is extremely important in terms of aesthetic beauty to transplant hair roots to the hairless area, to determine hair directions and to ensure the frontline of the hair seem natural.

One of the advantages of the FUE technique is the possibly to take hair roots from other parts of the body. Doctors who carry out hair transplantation get the FUE technique to number one because it enables the area from which the hair roots are taken to recover by keeping it open the day after and it ensures the marks disappear rapidly. For this reason, the period of remission surpasses quite fine. The technique is almost painless. Hair begins to grow after 3rd month in this technique and it can be combed after 6th or 8th month.

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