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FUT Hair Transplantation

Fut saç ekim tekniği
FUT (Follicular Unite Transplantation) technique was developed and applied in 1990s and 2000s in our country. Successful results were achieved when it was applied correctly. In FUT technique a piece of flap (a band of tissue) is taken from donor area (back of the two ears) by applying local anesthesia. That piece of flap is divided into mini grafts and placed to the channels in the hairless area that are opened according to the size of mini grafts by applying local anesthesia. The place from which hairy tissue is taken is sutured by microsurgery. Tgose sutures are removed in 12 or 13 days. The FUT technique resembles to the FUE technique. In the former one, 1500 grafts (hair roots) can be transplanted approximately in 4 or 5 hours. So it means 4000 hairs as hair roots have unary, binary or triple roots.

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