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History of Hair Transplantation

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Hair loss, baldness and hairlessness as an important problem of human being lead surgical medical studies to solve this problem. There is a list below indicating significant people who developed hair transplantation techniques and the dates those techniques were found.

1822: Fist application of hair transplantation was carried out by Diegonbach.
1926: Hunt Kelligen put forward that hairless areas could be repaired by removing those areas in small pieces and making hairy areas spread towards hairless areas. So he presented an idea that would be developed later in hair transplantation.
1931: Passot defined transposition phlebs which were long and narrow -based hairy tissues for the treatment of hairless areas.
1959: Orientreich began to treat hairless areas via punch grafts and it became the most popular technique at that period.
The techniques used before the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and the Fue Plus Hair Transplantation Technique are listed below:

Scalp Extension: The scalp of the hairy area can be extended via expander. Then the hairless area is removed and hairy area that is enlarged is planted conjugately. In this technique balloons placed into the scalp are inflated at certain intervals. It is highly possible that visual deformity might occur in that application.

Scalp Stretching: This technique is implemented in order to minify the hairless area in the scalp. It is rather used before the hair transplantation and it is not used as an independent application. Local anesthesia is used and then a piece of the scalp is removed from the hairless area at the top of head so that the hairless area becomes smaller. In order to narrow down the hairless area, this application is carried out for a few times with 3 or 4 intervals. When the hairless area narrows down enough, hair transplantation is applied to this area.

Flap Method: In that method a piece of tissue is taken from the hairy area that bears less possibility of hair loss. Those tissues are transferred to the hairless area without harming their structure and without totally damaging linkages. Vascularization of the flap is very important. Flap is generally taken at the sizes of 4 cm width and 25 cm length. It is not commonly used because it causes an unnatural appearance and its suture marks are distinct.

Macrografting Technique: The flap taken from back of the scalp is divided into macoflaps and is transferred to hairless area. It is not commonly used as it causes an unnatural appearance.
Microsurgery techniques started to be used gradually in ensuing years. While the techniques used previously were difficult and serious operations, current techniques are gentler applications causing fewer complications and providing a natural appearance.

The transition from old techniques to the FUT technique was swiftly carried out. It was developed and applied from the 1990s to early years of 2000. Professional teams had very successful results in hair transplantation. The FUT technique has given its place to the FUE technique as the former one causes incision (cutting marks) at the back of the scalp while it is still used if it is needed. The Fue Plus Hair Transplantation Technique is used in hair transplantations in Deniz Hair Transplantation, İzmir Hair Transplantation Center and İstanbul Hair Transplantation Center.

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