PRP başlık resmi

What is PRP?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is the method of treatment which includes plasma application enriched in terms of platelet. That application is carried out by taking a sum of blood from the person and it is put in a tube. After centrifuge is applied, the blood is decomposed and a trace of plasma enriched in terms of platelet (PRP) is acquired. The plasma acquired in that way is injected to the person again.

The Role of PRP in Hair Loss
PRP treatment is often applied in mesotherapy applications in recent years. Before hair transplantation is carried out, fortification of hair roots can be applied. PRP is an alternative method used in rejuvenation of old skin layer, recruitment of wounds, treatment of acne scars and hair loss. PRP is a plasma fluid enriched in terms of platelets. It is also defined as autologous blood concentration. It is known that platelets have an important role in the treatment of tissues. Platelet is a blood cell that has a role in blood coagulation as well.

PRP Treatment
With the PRP treatment applied on your hair roots, your vellus hair becomes more lively, thicker and denser. PRP treatment necessitates taking the blood from the person and then separation of white blood cells and platelets from each other via special laboratory applications. The substance acquired from this application is injected to problematical area via thin-pointed injection needles.